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About Us

About Us

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Conduant Corporation provides ultra fast digital data recorders and storage units. Conduant supplies recorders supporting PCI Express peer-to-peer technology as well as interfaces for serial FPDP, SeriaLiteII, 10GigE and LVDS data streams. Traditional RAID disk arrays and PXIe storage sub-systems are also available. The LTX3 data recorder is expandable to 32TB (HDD / SSD) in a 1U chassis. The LTXe RAID storage unit features the latest in disk array development. The DM (Disk Module) series provides a wide variety of PXIe compatible storage options including the latest DM-8M single slot (4HP) module which provides up to 8TB of solid state mSATA capacity.  

Conduant Provides 1-Slot (4HP) Storage Resources to PXIe-based Systems

Conduant Delivers Up to 8 TB Capacity for PXI Express Systems with mSATA Modules

Conduant® Announces the LTXe Storage Array featuring heater, DC power and rugged options

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DM-8M-3U mSATA LTX e PCI Express Storage Array Big Rive LTX3 Portable Recorder